Horsepower Pulls



We do $80 for 3 pulls with A/F readings on our in ground Mustang Dyno. No tuning, just power pulls.Includes Drag simulation(1/8th mile, 1/4 mile, standing mile)

      Custom Tuning

We offer custom tuning from SCT for ford vehicles 1989 and up and HP Tuners for GM Vehicles 1998 and up. Also can tune with AEM Engine Management and UpRev for different import vehicles.


$250- for basic dyno tuning (timing changes,fuel pressure changes)no ecu modifications.


$350- for custom tuning basic changes, bolt on's no injectors over 30lb or over stock injectors(cobra 39lb)  50$ off iff you buy tuner from us.


$450- for custom tuning with Heads/Cam/Intake, bigger injectors etc...50$ off if you buy tuner from us.


$550- & up for any major Supercharged/Turbo/Nitrous and above..again $50 off if you buy tuner from us.


$250-350- for carburetor tuning (includes jets)


Re-tunes- $100 and up depending on what all you have done.







      Dyno Rental

For those that want to tune themselves with there own engine management. $100 an hour. We will supervise and run the dyno.

We have an in ground Mustang dynamometer MD-800 2wd dyno. Capable of 2000 hp, and drag racing simulation with drag tree. All of our options are listed below.. SCT Tuners-prices start at $$379.. HP Tuners software start at $$250..